PAL started its service, to meet the needs of the expanding exports markets of the South African industry, in particular to West Africa, with intentions to expand into other markets between West Africa and India, South East Asia v.v.

PAL, is part of the international HMT/UAL group and draws on the resources of the group's knowledge and experience in West Africa dating back to 1975 and the existing network of agencies and own offices throughout the West African coast.

PAL, is concentrating mainly on:

  • the Angolan ports of Luanda, Lobito, Soyo and Cabinda
  • the Nigerian port of Lagos and the out portsWarri, Port Harcourt and Calabar
  • the ports of Tema and Takoradi in Ghana.

As well as all other ports on the West African Coast, like Pointe Noire, Port Gentil, Libreville and Douala.

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